5 Things to Know About Benji

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We aim to connect and educate about responsible pet ownership.

You don't have to be an AKC member or pay thousands of dollars for a pup. We support rescues, animal shelters and educate pet owners on re-homing pets responsibly. We are strongly against puppy mills, so we encourage our members to use or review features and educate each other with posts.

We don't run ads or sell your data.

Unlike other social media companies, we don't collect marketing information on you, and we don't flood your news feed with advertisements. We will try to finance our platform through donations.

We are a small startup.

Benji was first conceived in 2019 (then a pandemic hit), so the platform is still in its puppy-phase. We will need your help to learn and grow. Please leave your feedback at https://www.findbenji.com/help

We have a female founder.

Our founder, Kristina is a pet lover and biologist who taught herself how to program in order to create an online community for fellow pet lovers.

We are named after a real-life, little, white dog.

The 13-year old Benji is currently living a happy life with his loving owners. He wishes that you will find your best friends on this platform too!

Source: findbenji.com

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