5 Ways to Help Animal Shelters & Shelter Pets This Christmas

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Consider donating gently used items, used toys, leashes, beds, blankets, or towels. For a full list of donate-able items, check your local shelter’s online ‘wish list’ or stop on by and ask a caretaker.

Consider Fostering

Shelters often see an increase in animal surrenders during the holidays and the more fosters they have to take a pet home for a time, the more space opens up for more pets to come in. Plus, it gives the animal you’re fostering the experience of being in a home and feeling that special bond of love and affection.


Volunteers serve as the lifeblood for busy shelters who might not have the money or the means to accomplish every task that needs to get done. Any amount of time spent helping homeless pets is time well spent!

Trade Gifts for Donations

Consider asking your friends and family to donate the money they would have spent on you to an animal shelter or rescue in your name. Even if you only ask to replace one present per person you can make a big difference.

Promote Shelter Adoption

You can promote adoption with friends, family, in your neighborhood, and in your social media circles. Encouraging others to visit their local shelter and consider dogs in need often yields results.

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